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Tony Ray Kelford NC

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Nite Champion PR Whiskey River Rosa

                GR NT CH GR CH PR House's Lipper

           GR NT CH CH PR Skuna River Lipper

                NT CH PR Incredible Dixie

    NT CH PR Skuna River Fred

                GR NT CH PR Homer's Gomer

           NT CH PR Raccoon Valley Queen

                PR Allens Little Queen

NT CH PR Whiskey River Rosa

                CH GR NT CH PR Rock River Sackett, Jr.

           PR Coate's Mr. Businessman

                 GR NT CH PR Coate's Mystical Mable

     PR Pullins Oreo Cookie

                 NT CH PR Ryan's Tree Jammin Buster

             PR Hollars Magical Jody

                 PR Hollar's Magical Misty

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252-287-8184 - CALL   ANYTIME


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