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PR Roanoke River Stylish Macy

UKC Reg. No. W198,801



Just take a look at this pedigree!


                                CH GR NT CH ‘PR’ Nocturnal Style

                         GR CH GR NT CH ‘PR’ All Grand Track Man

                                GR NT CH GR CH ‘PR’ Rock River Lady

               GR BT CG ‘PR’ Mill Creek Magic

                               GR NT CH GR CH ‘PR’ Mc Callister’s Stylish Track

                         GR NT CH ‘PR’ Big Time Stylish Rachel

                                GR NT CH ‘PR’ Rock River Sue

‘PR’ Roanoke River Stylish Macy

                                GR NT CH ‘PR’ Wagers’ Stylish Lipper

                         GR NT CH GR CH ‘PR’ Fergusons Carolina Stylish Mike

                                NT CH CH ‘PR’ Shawn’s Stylish Queen

                GR NT CH ‘PR’ Boogar Hollow Maggie

                                GR CH GR NT CH ‘PR’ Rat Attack

                         GR NT CH ‘PR’ Rat’s Swamp Witch

                                ‘PR’ Maniac’s Hardwood Dixie

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