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Grand Nite Champion PR

Roanoke River Stylish Holley

UKC Reg. No. W141,864

Breed   Treeing Walker Coonhound



                            GR NT CH ‘PR’ Ball’s Stylish Hickory Nut Harry

                   GR NT CH ‘PR’ River Bend Thunder

                               NT CH ‘PR’ River Bend June II

              GR NT CH ‘PR’ River Bend Lonesome II

                              GR NT CH ‘PR’ Flatrock Thrasher

                    CH GR NT CH ‘PR’ Mike’s Coon Crazy Kitty

                              GR NT CH ‘PR’ Just Do It Babe

GR NT CH ‘PR’ Roanoke River Stylish Holley

                               GR NT CH ‘PR’ Wagers’ Stylish Lipper

                    GR NT CH  GR CH ‘PR’ Mc Callister’s Stylish Track

                               GR NT CH ‘PR’ Cobbler Creek Wendy

              GR NT CH ‘PR’ Big Time Stylish Rachel

                              CH GR NT CH ‘PR’ Rock River Sackett Jr.

                    GR NT CH ‘PR’ Rock River Sue

                               GR NT CH ‘PR’ Night-Heat Dixie

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